Set smart cooking timers on your smart phones

This Klove skill enables smart cooking timers and sends the notification to your smartphone when the timer expires. Please install the Klove App to get notifications on your phone. Find out more about the App on<br /><br />Klove has about 100+ recipes built-in and will keep growing. The skill also is learning, so if it doesn't know a recipe, it will ask you the timer value and then set the timer on your smartphone with the companion App.<br /><br />Klove skill will also be supporting Android wear watches and Apple iWatches for smart timer alerts very soon.

Invocation Name

klove chef

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Klove chef that I am boiling eggs
Alexa, ask Klove chef to remind me after 3 minutes
Alexa, ask Klove chef that I want to cook chicken

Release Date

February 26th 2017