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Kids Mad libs

Jeffrey Sham

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Or say "Alexa, enable Kids Mad libs"

This is a Mad libs game specifically for kids. After giving various words and parts of speech, Alexa will read you a funny story.

This is a Mad libs game specifically for kids. The skill will first ask you if you want to play. If you say yes, you will be prompted to say numerous parts of speech. After the prompted words have been given, Alexa will read a story with your words. Afterwards, you can either get another mad lib or stop playing.<br/><br/><br/>Note: All the Madlibs were found on,, and Visit the websites for more exciting madlibs to share with the family. The images used to create the skill icon came from

Invocation Name

kids mad libs

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open kids mad libs
Alexa, launch kids mad libs
Alexa, start kids mad libs

Release Date

October 13th 2017