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Alexa Control of Ketra Lighting Products

This skill allows you to control Ketra lighting products through Alexa voice control.<br/><br/>To make use of this skill you must first commission your products using Ketra's Design Studio (1.8 or later), enable remote access for each installation you want to control, and then link the skill to your Ketra account.<br/><br/>The lamp groups and keypad buttons you define in your Design Studio installations will show up under the Devices category.<br/><br/>The lamp groups support setting on/off, brightness, color, and color temperature.<br/><br/>The keypad buttons support on/off and brightness.<br/><br/>For a list of commands you can use with this and other smart home skills, see the following help page:

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Kitchen Natural
Alexa, turn on Bedroom Relax
Alexa, set my Office to blue

Release Date

November 10th 2017