Ghatam Arangetram Kapil Varma 7 songs

Ghatam skill is an India music Instrument. This skill has a sequence of concert by Kapil Varma and team of &quot;Ghatam Arangetram&quot;<br/><br/>Song's Sequence.....<br/>1. Vaatpi Ganapatim - Kapil &amp; Vishaal Start of with this Sanskrit song by the South Indian poet composer Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar, set in Hamsadhwani Raagam, Aadi Talam, in praise of Ganesh, remover of obstacles. Vishaal and Kapil will play 'call and response' pattern in both Chatusram (4/8) and Tisram (6/8).<br/><br/>2. Samjavara Gamana - is a popular song on Lord Krishna composed by Shri Tyagraja set in Hindolam Raagam, Aadi Talam.<br/><br/>3. Seethamma Mayamma - is a composition of shri Thyagaraja, in Vasantha Raagam. Rupaka Talam, in praise of Lord Shri Rama. This piece will feature Kapil and Vishaal's 'call and response' patterns in Kandam' (5/8).<br/><br/>4. Annapporne Visalakshsi - is a song on the Goddess Annapoorni who witnesses the happenings in the world with her beautiful eyes. This is set to Raagam Shyaamaa and eight beat cycle Aadi Talam Composed by Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar.<br/><br/>5. Vasudevayani - is a song on Lord Vishnu, composer by Shri Thyagaraja in Kalyani raagam and Adi Talam. Vishaal and Kapil will engage in 'call and response' pattern to Misram'. This is the main item feautring a long solo by Kapil, consisting of improvisations in different speeds.<br/><br/>6. Pibare Raama Rasam - is a song in praise of Lord Rama set in Raagam Yamuna Kalyani and Aadi Talam, composition of Shri Sadasiva Brahmendra.<br/><br/>7. Smara Varam Varam - beautiful composition of Shri Sadasiva Brahmendra set to Raagam Sindhu Bhairavi and Adi Thalami, a song in praise of Lord Krishna.

Invocation Name

kapil's ghatam

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play kapil's ghatam
Alexa, pause
Alexa, stop

Release Date

November 3rd 2017