KFMU - Adult Album Alternative - Alexa Skill

KFMU - Adult Album Alternative

AlwaysMountainTime, LLC

Or say "Alexa, enable KFMU - Adult Album Alternative"

Alexa Skill that allows you to listen to the KFMU online stream

The KFMU skill gives Alexa the ability to start the KMFU online stream. KFMU Steamboat Springs is Colorado’s Finest adult rock. Solar powered radio station. Tune in to KFMU Weekdays for our signature blend of mountain music, and join us on the weekends for Putumayo World Music Hour, Acoustic Cafe and more. Listen on your Echo with the the KFMU Alexa skill.

Invocation Name

k. f. m. u.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play K. F. M. U.
Alexa, open K. F. M. U. and play
Alexa, start K. F. M. U. and play

Release Date

July 19th 2017