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Alexa + KAYAK = hands-free travel planning. Get information on flights, hotels & rental cars. Hear flight status updates, destination suggestions & more.

With the KAYAK skill on Alexa, you can track flights and jump-start your travel planning. Have a destination in mind? Check prices on flights, hotels and rental cars. Want to see how far you can go on your budget? Alexa will use KAYAK Explore to tell you where in the world you can travel. Waiting for the in-laws to land? Receive real-time flight status updates on command through KAYAK's flight tracker. Travel Problem Solved.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask KAYAK how much it costs to fly from New York to Boston
Alexa, ask KAYAK where can I go for 500 dollars
Alexa, ask KAYAK when the flight from San Francisco lands in Las Vegas

Release Date

April 22nd 2016