K5 is a open kit, is an intelligent hardware,the main function of the skills to control the operation of the panel on K5 device

K5 skill is K5 App solution kits, had include one smart hardware device. To user your Amazon Echo with your K5, make sure you have the latest Alexa app on your phone, you have your K5 skill, and activate the K5 Skill. This will require your K5 app account email and password to authorize Alexa to access your devices.<br/>To get started ,select the &quot;Enable Skill&quot; button in the Alexa App to link your K5 app account, Then the next step needs to be entered a special PIN Code.<br/>When using the skill, All disarm commands require a PIN Code. For each command, you can supply the PIN code with the command or wait for Alexa to ask you for your PIN Code. <br/>You can control the K5 device by EcHo,for example,you can say:<br/>1.Alexa,tell smart tiger arm<br/>2.Alexa,tell smart tiger disArm with PIN CODE XXXX<br/>3.Alexa,tell smart tiger homeArm<br/>4.Alexa,tell smart tiger to arm<br/>5.Alexa,tell smart tiger to disArm using PIN CODE XXXX<br/>6.Alexa,tell smart tiger to homeArm

Invocation Name

smart tiger

Interaction Examples

Alexa,tell smart tiger to arm
Alexa,tell smart tiger to disArm
Alexa,tell smart tiger to homeArm

Release Date

November 2nd 2017