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J's Motivational Quotes

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J's Motivational Quotes

What is the point of this skill?<br/><br/>J is guy that sometimes needs a little kick in the pants to get over the goal line. So he started to write down all of his favourite motivational quotes and has now made them available through this convenient Alexa Skill. That way the entire world can be inspired together.<br/><br/>Did J write all these quotes?<br/><br/>Of course not!! He just loves a good quote and has been writing his favourites down in notepads for years. Now J is letting the world in on his favourite quotes through this Alexa Skill<br/><br/>How many quotes are on this skill?<br/><br/>That's hard to say. J started with about 10 and will be adding more as he sees fit.<br/><br/>Is J a real person?<br/><br/>He is as real as the air you are breathing.

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j's motivational quotes

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Release Date

June 3rd 2017