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Southern Gospel music is alive and well on Joy FM! Today's top artists, steeped in time honored tradition to lift your spirit and revive your soul.

Joy FM is your home for Southern Gospel Music. Enjoy today&rsquo;s top gospel artists, hear stories that will build your faith, and join a community of people who share your solid, time-honored values. Broadcasting live from the heart of the South, Joy FM brings uplifting, encouraging music to Southern Gospel fans anywhere in the world.<br/><br/>Once you've enabled the skill, say &quot;Alexa, open Joy FM&quot;, then follow the prompts from there.<br/><br/>You can also say &quot;Alexa, ask Joy FM...&quot;<br/>&quot; listen live.&quot;<br/><br/>While listening to the live stream, you can hear the current song details by saying &quot;Alexa, ask Joy FM...&quot;<br/>&quot;...what's playing?&quot;<br/>&quot;...what song is this?&quot;<br/>&quot;...who is the artist?&quot;<br/><br/>For instructions on interacting with this skill, just say &quot;help.&quot;

Invocation Name

joy f. m.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Joy FM.
Ask Joy FM to listen live.
Ask Joy FM what's playing?

Release Date

July 1st 2017