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Get ready to laugh your socks off with the JokeBot skill!<br> With jokes ranging from Yo Momma to Chuck Norris, you can giggle yourself silly!

Jokebot is a joke generation bot. It has a lot of jokes in it that's for sure. <br> The categories of jokes it has are varied. They are <br> Normal Jokes,Blonde Jokes,Dirty Jokes,Chuck Norris Jokes,Life Jokes,Computer / I.T Jokes,Money Jokes,Insult Jokes,Sarcastic Jokes.<br> In addition to, that you can Also ask it for a random joke which will give you a joke from any category, <br> <br> You can simply ask it for jokes by saying.<br> "Alexa, Ask jokebot for an? Insult Joke"<br> or<br> "Alexa, Ask Jokebot for a Joke"<br> <br> Just ask it for your jokes, and fill your hearts' delight with humour<br> Disclaimer : This skill maybe not suited to audiences of all ages.

Invocation Name

joke bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask Jokebot for a Joke
Alexa, Ask jokebot for a Marriage Joke
Alexa, Ask Jokebot for a life joke

Release Date

August 23rd 2016