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Joke - Surprise Scream Prank!

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Or say "Alexa, enable Joke - Surprise Scream Prank!"

This skill will play 60 second of silence, followed by a terrifying horror movie scream. Scare the pants off a family member or friend w/ the Scream Prank!

WARNING: The Surprise Scream Prank practical joke skill will play 60 SECONDS of silence, followed by a VERY LOUD horror movie scream! So, the skill will NOT make any sound when you first open it, it's not broken... the silence is there on purpose so to give you time to set up the prank.<br/><br/>HOW TO USE: It's very simple, turn the volume of your speaker up loud and start the skill. Obviously, do this when the prank victim is not in the room. You have 60 SECONDS of silence before the scream goes off, so do your best to time it out well for the most successful results. This is a fantastic way to terrify and torment your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, family, lover, spouse or pets with Alexa!<br/><br/>TIP: Need more time to set up the gag? The person you are pranking is taking longer than expected to come into the room? Simply start the skill over again, and you will get another 60 seconds of silent setup time.<br/><br/>Keep on the look out for more Alexa jokes and pranks from this developer coming soon...<br/><br/>THE AUTHOR OF THIS SKILL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR: household items that might be been broken as a result of using this skill either on purpose or by accident, loss of long term friendship, any divorces or relationship break ups that might occur after pranking your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband or wife. Heart attacks, panic attacks, or mental breakdowns that might occur as a result of use. Time spent sleeping on the sofa by your wife due to frightening her before bed. Children that will no longer speak to their parents as a result of use. Pets that no long want to be pet by you. In short, use at your own risk... and ENJOY! :) <br/><br/>HOW CAN I THANK THE DEVELOPER? If you successfully scared the daylights out of someone (or many people) with this skill, please take the time to tell a friend and remember to leave the skill a 5 star review in your Alexa app. Thanks in advance!!!<br/><br/>PS: Extra points scored if you get a video tape of the prank victims response and post it on YouTube!

Invocation Name

scream prank

Interaction Examples

Alexa, scream prank
Alexa, start scream prank
Alexa, run scream prank

Release Date

August 30th 2017