Job Hunt - Alexa Skill

Job Hunt

Praveen Rajan


Or say "Alexa, enable Job Hunt"

An interactive Alexa Skill to search for jobs matching you LinkedIn Profile

Get the power of LinkedIn and Indeed Job Search engine to find jobs for you with ease using this skill.<br/><br/>Functionalities:<br/> - Search Jobs near you based on Linkedin <br/> - Search Jobs based on location and skill<br/> - Navigate from one job to another<br/> - Know details about the job<br/> - Job Details are saved in Amazon Alexa app as cards for future reference. <br/> - Step by step voice help to interact with Skill<br/><br/>Account Linking: This skill uses LinkedIn authentication to get details. Skill does not store your personal information collected from LinkedIn.<br/>Indeed Job Search functionality is used to search for jobs.

Invocation Name

job hunt

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask job hunt to tell jobs near me
Tell job hunt to search jobs
Alexa, ask job hunt for jobs at chicago and skills java

Release Date

June 2nd 2017