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Job Finder

Andrew Thompson

Or say "Alexa, enable Job Finder"

Receive the latest job listings for a given city and job role (e.g. Software Engineer in Seattle).

If you're looking for a new job and want Alexa to list off the latest jobs that are in and around your city, this &quot;Job Finder&quot; skill will allow you to do that easily. Simply give it a city (e.g. Seattle or London) and then a job role (e.g. Software Engineer) and the &quot;Job Finder&quot; skill will return the latest 5 results that match that role in your city of choice.<br/><br/>The &quot;Job Finder&quot; skill aims to give you an overview for what new jobs have come available in the last 24 hour period and you can simply listen to the top results briefly in the morning over a cup of coffee. If one job grabs your attention you can look it up online for further details, apply for it and hopefully land your next great job.

Invocation Name

job finder

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Job Finder
Alexa open Job Finder and search software jobs in Seattle
Alexa tell Job Finder, I'm looking for a job in New York City

Release Date

July 15th 2017