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Jeff Pollack

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Jeff Pollack Plays Ragtime, Barrelhouse, and Boogie Piano

Jeff Pollack is back with his unique interpretation of some all-time favorite ragtime, barrelhouse, and boogie piano selections:<br/><br/>&bull; Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin, 1899<br/>&bull; Sunflower Slow Drag - Scott Joplin / Scott Hayden, 1901<br/>&bull; The Entertainer - Scott Joplin, 1902<br/>&bull; Jelly Roll Blues - Jelly Roll Morton, 1915<br/>&bull; I Need a Little Spirit - Dave Alexander, 1972<br/>&bull; Dying Pickpocket Blues - Nolan Welsh, 1929<br/>&bull; Peetie Wheatstraw Stomp - Peetie Wheatstraw, 1937<br/>&bull; Swipesy - Scott Joplin / Arthur Marshall, 1900<br/>&bull; Bethena - Scott Joplin, 1905<br/>&bull; Dill Pickles Rag - Charles L. Johnson, 1906<br/>&bull; Perry Square Boogie - Robert Whitford, 1948<br/><br/>Special thanks to &quot;Blind Lemon&quot; Michaelson.

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ragtime player

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Alexa, ask Ragtime Player to play
Alexa, ask Ragtime Player to jam
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Release Date

June 10th 2017