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Javadoc Explorer


Or say "Alexa, enable Javadoc Explorer"

Javadoc Explorer will list the packages from selected API

Javadoc Explorer will list the packages from different API including ASK, commons-io, java 8, and Stanford NLP. Just say 'what is the list of packages?' Written in Java to learn about ASK-Java, it depends on the user knowing and saying the proper id if you want to explore a different API. 'ask' for ASK, 'java' for java 8, 'commons' for commons-io, and 'n.l.p.' for Stanford NLP. You can ask for API by saying, 'explore' and the id. If people are really interested in further development, I could organize around the subpackage structure but would need lots of feedback!<br/><br/>Hopefully, you don't need to ask what ASK stands for, since I can't use the first word in this description, but SK stands for 'Skills Kit'.

Invocation Name

javadoc explorer

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Javadoc Explorer to get the list of packages
Alexa, ask Javadoc explorer to explore commons
Alexa, ask Javadoc explorer what javadocs do you know

Release Date

September 28th 2017