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Send and receive messages from Alexa.

Text your friends from Alexa. Read new messages received via Jab from Alexa. This skill requires a companion app from the iOS Appstore. Android app coming soon. Get Started 1. Enable the skill and register your mobile phone number. 2. Visit https://sayjab.com to download the iOS app and register with the same phone number used for the skill. 3. In the app, select the contacts you want to enable on Alexa. Done! Now say “Alexa, open Jab" How to text? Say "Alexa, ask Jab to text John Smith" Make sure that the contact is enabled on your iPhone and that you pronounce the full name. Non users of Jab will receive an SMS from the Jab phone number signed with your name and your phone number. Users of Jab will receive in app messages and will be able to reply to you so you can read messages from Alexa. How to read messages? Say "Alexa, ask Jab to read my messages" Alexa will only read the new messages sent by other Jab users via Alexa or their iPhone. Any questions? Visit https://sayjab.com/faq Willing to contact us? Send an email at quentin@sayjab.com. We usually reply in 12 hours. We want you to do more with your Alexa-enabled device. Meet us on https://sayjab.com and please give us your feedback at quentin@sayjab.com

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Jab to text John Smith.
Alexa, open Jab.
Alexa, ask Jab to read my messages.

Release Date

August 19th 2016