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Measure your world in terms of sharks!

Using length of the shark from the movie "JAWS" as the base unit, everything in the universe can be measured in terms of JAWS. The JAWS system was first proposed by Writer/Director/Podcaster Kevin Smith of Smodcast.com as a superior method of visualizing distances. 1 JAWS is roughly equivalent to 25 feet (7.5 meters). The JAWS system is best used for measuring the expanse between two travel-able points, such as the distance one must swim to reach the safety of shore while pursued by a man-eating shark.

Invocation Name

jaws converter

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open jaws converter
Alexa, ask jaws converter what 100 feet is in JAWS
Alexa, ask jaws converter to convert 75 meters to JAWS

Release Date

July 13th 2017