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It's Supernatural Network: Sid Roth (Video Show)

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Or say "Alexa, enable It's Supernatural Network: Sid Roth (Video Show)"

Watch It's Supernatural Network! (Works on Echo Show)

It's Supernatural! Network (For Echo Show)<br/><br/><br/>If you love watching the &quot;IT'S SUPERNATURAL!&quot; TV program &ndash; you can now watch to the live Sid Roth It's Supernatural! Network on Echo &ndash; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus view special MINISTRY &amp; MENTORING SESSIONS, WORSHIP, and other TV programs featuring world-class teachers and worship leaders to help you experience the SUPERNATURAL of God.<br/><br/>To Enable, do one of the following:<br/>-Say &quot;Alexa, enable It's Supernatural skill&quot;<br/>-Search &quot;Sid Roth&quot; in with your account logged in and click enable<br/><br/>To Start, say any of the following:<br/>-&quot;Alexa, It's Supernatural&quot;<br/>-&quot;Alexa, start It's Supernatural&quot;<br/>-&quot;Alexa, play It's Supernatural&quot;<br/>-&quot;Alexa, open It's Supernatural&quot;<br/><br/><br/>This Skill only works with the Echo Show device.

Invocation Name

it's supernatural

Interaction Examples

Alexa, It's Supernatural
Alexa, start It's Supernatural
Alexa, play It's Supernatural

Release Date

August 9th 2017