Israeli Radio - Alexa Skill

Israeli Radio

Ofir Haviv

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Or say "Alexa, enable Israeli Radio"

Plays many Israeli radio stations.

This skill is for playing Israeli radio stations. More radio stations will be supported as demand.<br/>If you have suggestion or issue, please let me know at<br/><br/>New:<br/>Added &quot;Lello Haffsaca&quot; radio station.<br/><br/>Currently, the skill support the following radio stations:<br/>* Galgalatz<br/>* Galatz<br/>* Radio Haifa<br/>* Radios<br/>* Kol Rega<br/>* Reshet Aleph<br/>* Reshet Bet<br/>* Reshet Gimmel<br/>* Lello Haffsaca

Invocation Name

israeli radio

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Israeli Radio to play Galgalatz
Alexa, start Israeli Radio
Alexa, ask Israeli radio what are the supported radio stations

Release Date

July 18th 2017