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Islamic Hub: Everyday helper for Muslims.

Salam and welcome to Islamic Hub<br/><br/>- Find the local salaat times.<br/>- Find Today's Islamic Date.<br/><br/>Future versions will include more information e.g How to make Wadu, The pillars of Islam etc.<br/>Also in pipe line is Quran Ayaa Recitation, Hadith and much more.<br/><br/>Example of Phrases you can say<br/>-------------------------------<br/>What time is the Maghrib<br/>When is the next Salaat<br/>Set Calculation method<br/>Set Latitude Adjustment<br/>Set School of thought<br/>What is Islamic date today<br/>What is Hijri date today<br/>What i can ask<br/>Stop<br/><br/>Important<br/>---------<br/>This skill needs to know your geographical location to calculate the prayer times so please enable it in skill settings.<br/><br/>You can fine tune the prayer times if you feel it differs from the times in your area.<br/><br/>The calculation method can be adjusted by saying &quot;set calculation method&quot;<br/>The school of thought can be adjusted by saying &quot;set school of thought&quot;<br/>The latitude adjustment can be made by saying &quot;set latitude adjustment&quot;

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Alexa ask Islamic Hub when is the next prayer
Alexa ask Islamic Hub for time for Fajr
Alexa ask Islamic Hub to Set calculation method to four

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June 8th 2017