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Is it Gluten Free?


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Or say "Alexa, enable Is it Gluten Free?"

Trying to eat, cook or serve gluten free? Need to check your ingredients? Just ask your Echo if an ingredient is gluten free and she'll tell you.

Living Gluten Free isn't easy. Whether you are recently diagnosed as celiac or just trying to cut out gluten, the list of ingredients to avoid is large and confusing. Ask the Gluten Free Labels "Is it Gluten Free?" Alexa Skill to find out whether or not an ingredient or food is gluten free and she'll do her best to tell you. Just shout out "Alexa, ask gluten free if peanuts are gluten free" or "Alexa, ask gluten free if I can eat oats". You can also as questions like "what is a gluten free diet" and "who eats gluten free". We'll be updating the list constantly so if you'd like to see something in there, feel free to write to Find out more at about how we prevent cross contact in your home or restaurant kitchen.

Invocation Name

gluten free

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask gluten free if oats are gluten free
Are beans gluten free
Can I eat buckwheat

Release Date

November 25th 2016