Invisible Dice - Alexa Skill

Invisible Dice

Lukasz Krysiewicz

Or say "Alexa, enable Invisible Dice"

A dice for board games. Gives a random number between 1 and 6.

You want play board game ? You can't find a dice ?<br/>Now it is not a problem. You can use Invisible Dice skill !<br/><br/>Invisible Dice will give you a random number between 1 and 6.<br/>After start you should say:<br/><br/>Throw a dice. Give me a result. Roll a dice. <br/><br/><br/>It is easy. And now you can play you favorite board game.

Invocation Name

invisible dice

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open invisible dice
Alexa, load invisible dice
Alexa, launch invisible dice and throw a dice

Release Date

October 25th 2017