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Interval Quiz

BJ Cantlupe

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A multiple-choice quiz to help improve your understanding of music intervals.

In music theory, an interval is the distance between two notes. Interval Quiz is a multiple-choice quiz for anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of intervals. For each question, Alexa will give two note names and a direction: ascending (up) or descending (down). For example, Alexa may ask "What is D to E, ascending? 1. Minor second. 2. Major second. 3. Major sixth". You respond with the number that corresponds with the correct answer. All questions assume the given notes are within an octave of each other. There are no questions with unisons or octaves as would be too easy! For added practice, try playing the notes on your instrument of choice after Alexa says them aloud. It may help you find the correct answer!

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January 18th 2017