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Interpol Agent

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Interpol Agent, is an educational game, in which the player must find the art thief based on the various clues given.

This is a conversational Game skill, in which the players must track the art thief. The game starts by reading out a mission statement, in which an expensive museum artifact goes missing. The thief then travels from city to city, trying to sell the art work. The player must follow the thief, based on the clues given by the local police. If the player goes to the wrong city several times, the thief will sell the artifact in the black market and then it becomes untraceable (i.e. Game lost). So, to win the game, the player has to arrive at the right city, at the right time.<br/><br/>A good knowledge on cities, countries and continents is needed to win the game. The player (i.e. Interpol agent) can go through a training phase to learn these location before taking up a mission.<br/><br/>There are six ranks in the game, as the player solves more and more missions, the rank goes up. The player can play either by difficulty &ndash; Easy, Medium or Hard. Or by World Zones &ndash; East, Central and West.<br/><br/>Context sensitive help is available at all stages of the game.<br/><br/>Credits: <br/>Sound effects from<br/>Music from

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interpol agent

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Alexa, Open Interpol Agent
Alexa, Start Interpol Agent
Alexa, Load Interpol Agent

Release Date

December 12th 2017