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International Space Station Pass Times

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Or say "Alexa, enable International Space Station Pass Times"

International Space Station passes for major US cities, crew information and current location over the Earth

Find out when you can see the ISS orbiting the Earth! Although the International Space Station goes around the Earth every 90 minutes, it isn't usually visible to the casual observer. However there are several days most months when conditions are just right to be able to see the station with the naked eye - and that's where Space Station can help. Space Station tells you when the ISS passes overhead at the perfect moment when it will be lit by the Sun, but not eclipsed by the Earth. When this happens, the ISS is the 3rd or 4th brightest object in the night sky and easy to see in clear weather - even in cities if it's dark enough. Alexa knows major cities (those over 100,000 people), therefore for best results say one that is fairly close by. Timings will be good enough that you won't miss the space station. There is also a short cut if you have already asked for passes for any particular city; just say "next pass" and Space Station will retrieve pass times for the last place you requested. Space Station can also tell you up to 5 dates for passes. All you have to do is say "next 3 passes for New York" or whatever number and city you want to hear about. If you want to know where the Space Station is at any moment, just ask for "current location" to get the latitude and longitude over the Earth. If the ISS is over populated land, Space Station will also tell you which place in the world it has just passed over. Since the ISS is traveling at about 17,500 mph, about 5 miles a second, it means that location information is going to be out of date by the time you hear it (it will probably have moved 100 miles!). If you want to track the Space Station in real time there are few web sites that can do this for you, just do a web search. Space Station will also tell you who is on board the ISS, so you know who is there when you wave! Just ask "who is on board?" Finally, Space Station can give you a recap of the latest news of what has been happening on board. This is updated regularly, and you can hear it by asking for "latest news"

Invocation Name

space station

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open space station
Alexa, ask space station for next pass for New York
Alexa, ask space station for current location

Release Date

November 9th 2016