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Interjections Helper (Alexicons)



Or say "Alexa, enable Interjections Helper (Alexicons)"

Interjections Helper is a developer utility that makes it easy to explore Alexa's built-in emotive words and phrases, coined here as Alexicons.

Interjections Helper is a developer utility that makes it easy to explore Alexa's built-in emotive words and phrases, called interjections in the ASK reference documentation and coined here as Alexicons (= Alexa + lexicon + emoticons). Instead of clicking around the reference page to test them out, you can use this skill to invoke them directly by name to hear how they sound. Once the skill is open, a reprompt feature allows you to request as many Alexicons as you want during a single session. Refer to the ASK documentation for coding syntax and examples.<br/><br/>List of available Alexicons:<br/>abracadabra, achoo, aha, ahem, ahoy, all righty, aloha, aooga, argh, arrivederci, as you wish, au revoir, aw man, baa, bada bing bada boom, bah humbug, bam, bang, batter up, bazinga, beep beep, bingo, blah, blarg, blast, boing, bon appetit, bonjour, bon voyage, boo, boo hoo, boom, booya, bravo, bummer, caw, cha ching, checkmate, cheerio, cheers, cheer up, chirp, choo choo, clank, click clack, cock a doodle doo, coo, cowabunga, darn, ding dong, ditto, d&rsquo;oh, dot dot dot, duh, dum, dun dun dun, dynomite, eek, eep, encore, en gard, eureka, fancy that, geronimo, giddy up, good grief, good luck, good riddance, gotcha, great scott, heads up, hear hear, hip hip hooray, hiss, honk, howdy, hurrah, hurray, huzzah, jeepers creepers, jiminy cricket, jinx, just kidding, kaboom, kablam, kaching, kapow, katchow, kazaam, kerbam, kerboom, kerching, kerchoo, kerflop, kerplop, kerplunk, kerpow, kersplat, kerthump, knock knock, le sigh, look out, mamma mia, man overboard, mazel tov, meow, merci, moo, nanu nanu, neener neener, no way, now now, oh boy, oh brother, oh dear, oh my, oh snap, oink, okey dokey, oof, ooh la la, open sesame, ouch, oy, phew, phooey, ping, plop, poof, pop, pow, quack, read &lsquo;em and weep, ribbit, righto, roger, ruh roh, shucks, splash, spoiler alert, squee, swish, swoosh, ta da, ta ta, tee hee, there there, thump, tick tick tick, tick-tock, touche, tsk tsk, tweet, uh huh, uh oh, voila, vroom, wahoo, wah wah, watch out, way to go, well done, well well, wham, whammo, whee, whew, woof, whoops a daisy, whoosh, woo hoo, wow, wowza, wowzer, yadda yadda yadda, yay, yikes, yippee, yoink, yoo hoo, you bet, yowza, yowzer, yuck, yum, zap, zing, zoinks

Invocation Name

interjections helper

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Interjections Helper
Alexa, Interjections Helper
Alexa, ask Interjections Helper to say zoinks

Release Date

April 29th 2017