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Interesting World Facts

Seda Senbol

Or say "Alexa, enable Interesting World Facts"

World's Facts will tell you about interesting facts that most people don't know. It has around 1000 built-in facts to tell you and your children!

Just open the app using Alexa, and say &quot;Tell Me a Fact&quot;, &quot;Say a Fact&quot; and so on.<br/>If you want more to hear, just say &quot;More&quot;, &quot;Another&quot;, &quot;Give Me a Fact&quot; etc. and it will continue to feed your curiosity.<br/><br/>Learn together with your children about word origins, history and unknown facts!

Invocation Name

world facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open World Facts
Alexa, Launch World Facts
Alexa, Start World Facts

Release Date

October 5th 2017