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Interesting Christmas | Quirky Christmas Facts

Anush Patel

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Or say "Alexa, enable Interesting Christmas | Quirky Christmas Facts"

This skill gives you the worlds most Interesting christmas facts which are likely to surprise you and even make you think!

Interesting is a skill that gives you random and Interesting christmas facts from a range of &quot;christmasy&quot; topics from the origins of the christmas trees to Wierd Laws (Some are outrageous!) <br/><br/>Interesting is like a massive database of wierd facts which is constantly expanding using advanced Algorithms to find facts from the internet! if you have a fact that you want to add then contact me ( <br/><br/>I hope you enjoy using this Skill as much as I loved coding this! Be sure to leave feedback!<br/><br/>If you enjoyed using this skill be sure to check out my other skill (with random facts! the Skill name is &quot;Interesting? | Quirky and Interesting Facts&quot;)<br/><br/>Thanks for considering this skill!

Invocation Name

interesting christmas

Interaction Examples

Alexa,open interesting christmas and tell me something interesting
Alexa , open interesting christmas and tell me a christmas fact
Alexa, open interesting christmas and give me a random fact

Release Date

December 2nd 2017