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Intently - Request Any Service Anywhere

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Or say "Alexa, enable Intently - Request Any Service Anywhere"

Request any service, anywhere. Intently connects you with a wide range of service providers, and gets you responses within the hour!

Intently lets you broadcast service requests to a wide range of companies. Our leading edge technology finds interested service providers to satisfy your needs, no matter what you request!<br/><br/>We have 2 million suppliers ready to serve you right now.<br/><br/>Accommodation | Aesthetics | Catering | Health | Lessons | Photography | Property | Technology | Transport | Venues | Weddings

Invocation Name

intently services

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell intently services I need a plumber in San Francisco
Alexa, ask intently services to request guitar lessons in London
Alexa, tell intently services I would like a wedding venue in Paris

Release Date

April 6th 2017