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Inner Explorer

Inner Explorer

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Or say "Alexa, enable Inner Explorer"

Daily Guided Mindful Practice parents & educators to relax, focus, and stay calm throughout the day.

Inner Explorer&rsquo;s guided daily mindfulness practice reduces stress, helps strengthen self-regulation skills. While the implementation is simple, the results are dramatic.<br/><br/>The Alexa skill currently supports 6 tracks:<br/>1. Mindful Minute<br/>2. Gratitude<br/>3. Compassion<br/>4. Ten-Minute Breathing Practice<br/>5. Comfortably Quiet<br/>6. Belly Breathing

Invocation Name

inner explorer

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Inner Explorer
Alexa, ask Inner Explorer to play Mindful Minutes
Alexa, ask Inner Explorer to play Gratitude

Release Date

August 5th 2017