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Lokesh Rishi

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Do you wanna know if a food product contains an allergenic ingredient? Or are you too lazy to read out the ingredients by yourself? Alexa is here to help!

Scared of allergies?<br/>Want to know if a product contains an allergenic food?<br/>Want to know if a product contains one or more of the major food allergens? <br/><br/>Alexa will read it out for you.<br/>Just ask Alexa by saying out the product name, or its UPC code, and Alexa will read out the ingredients for you. If the product contains some item that can cause allergic reaction, Alexa will mention it first, by saying &quot;Interesting!&quot;. :)<br/><br/>You don't have to worry about reading out all the ingredients yourself, let the VUI save your day!

Invocation Name

ingredients guru

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Ingredients Guru
Alexa ask Ingredients Guru What are the ingredients for Milk

Release Date

April 10th 2017