Indian State Capitals - Alexa Skill

Indian State Capitals

Bhanu Mokkala

Or say "Alexa, enable Indian State Capitals"

Test your knowledge of Indian State Capital

This skill helps to test one's knowledge of Indian State Capitals.<br/><br/>Once you start the game by saying, &quot;Start New Game&quot;, Alexa will start asking capitals of States. If you give a wrong answer then Alexa will start again. You will have to say &quot;Start New Game&quot;, to start a new game.<br/><br/>If you are correct, Alexa will continue asking Capitals for States. The chain of questions will go up to 5. After which, the game will exit.<br/><br/>Since this skill is based on US English, the pronunciation of Capitals &amp; States will be US Accent.

Invocation Name

indian state capitals

Interaction Examples

Alexa talk to Indian State Capitals
Alexa open Indian State Capitals

Release Date

August 24th 2017