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Indian New Year's Days

Jayakumar Manian

Or say "Alexa, enable Indian New Year's Days"

This skill provide the indian new year information ans world new year countdown

There are numerous types of Indian New Year's days celebrated in various regions at various times of the year.indianUgadi,Gudhi Padwa, Sajibu nongma panba,Navreh,Navratra,Cheti Chand,<br/>Vaisakhi,Rongali Bihu,Chithirai Vishu,Vishu,Bishuva Sankranti,Poila Boishakh,Bestu Varas,Islamic New Year,Nowruz<br/><br/>Coming soon : <br/><br/> New Year 2018 Countdown Around The World - India Time and Date<br/><br/> You can ask new year celebration state wise in India<br/><br/> Happy New Year :)

Invocation Name

indian new year's days

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open indian new year's days
Tell me about ugadi
Alexa ,ask indian new year's days Who celebrates Islamic New Year in india

Release Date

December 20th 2017