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Incredible Facts

Michael Maratheftis

Or say "Alexa, enable Incredible Facts"

Incredible facts I guarantee you have NEVER heard before! Thanks to this skill Alexa can help you impress your date or become a star at any party.

Want to impress a new date with your knowledge? Or show-off in a university lecture? Now it couldn't be any easier. Forget about the encyclopaedias and hours of researching! Alexa can tell you the world's craziest and most amazing facts you've never heard of! This skill will help you shut the mouth of the most annoying know-it-alls and grant you the title of the smartest person in the office. These facts are so unusual they'll surprise even you! Don&rsquo;t believe me? There&rsquo;s only one way to test that &ndash; simply ask Alexa to share her knowledge with you! After all, you&rsquo;ve got nothing to lose. And loads to gain.<br/><br/>Just say &quot;Give me a fact&quot; for an incredible fact!

Invocation Name

incredible facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Incredible Facts to tell me a fact
Alexa, ask Incredible Facts, for a fact
Alexa, ask Incredible Facts tell me a fact

Release Date

October 3rd 2017