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I'm Hurt non-emergency alert

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Or say "Alexa, enable I'm Hurt non-emergency alert"

I'm Hurt is a non-emergency method to send a SMS message to your friend or family member when you need help.

I&rsquo;m Hurt is a non-emergency method to send a SMS message to your friend or family member when you need help. Perfect for moms, dads, grandparents, or anyone you would like to send a text message via the Amazon Echo. <br /><br />The simple and easy guided setup process involves the following 3 steps:<br /><br />1) Add a Contact, by saying: &rdquo;Add (Contact Name)&rdquo;<br /> Example: &ldquo;Add Chris&rdquo;<br /><br />2) Configure the contact, by saying: &ldquo;Configure (Contact Name) (Phone Number)&rdquo; <br /> ~Say the phone number starting with a one and the area code.~<br /> Example: &quot;Configure Chris 16035911234&quot;<br /><br />3) Agree to the terms of service, by saying: &ldquo;Agree to terms of use&rdquo;<br /><br />Once you have configured the skill, test it and ensure your contact received the notification and agree on what to do when you ask for help.<br /><br />When the 3 steps above are complete, you can ask your Amazon Echo to send a text:<br />------<br />User: &ldquo;Alexa tell I&rsquo;m Hurt notify my contacts&rdquo;<br />Alexa: &ldquo;I may not heard you correctly, Did you want me to send a message to your contact?&rdquo;<br />User: &ldquo;Yes&rdquo;<br />------<br /><br />Example SMS message sent from a father (Frank Jones) who owns an Amazon Echo, to his son Chris:<br />&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&gt;&lt;&gt;<br />Chris, Frank Jones needs help. <br />Contact Frank Jones directly and make sure they're O.K. <br />(REPLIES TO THIS MSG NOT RECEIVED)<br />&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&gt;&lt;&gt;<br /><br /><br />Phrases that will trigger the SMS to your contact are:<br />&ldquo;Alexa Tell I&rsquo;m Hurt to send a message&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;Alexa Tell I&rsquo;m Hurt I need help&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;Alexa Tell I&rsquo;m Hurt Notify my contacts&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;Alexa ask I&rsquo;m Hurt to tell my contacts&rdquo;<br /><br />The unique feature of I&rsquo;m Hurt is if Alexa doesn't understand what you said, she will ask you if you if you&rsquo;re requesting to send a message. With a response of &ldquo;Yes&rdquo; or &ldquo;Yeah&rdquo;, a preformatted message will be sent to your contacts&rsquo; cell phone stating your name and their name.<br /><br />Reconfigure your contacts by saying:<br />&ldquo;Configure (Contact Name) (Phone Number)&rdquo; <br /><br />Change a contact&rsquo;s name and phone number by saying:<br />&ldquo;Delete Setup&rdquo;<br /><br />For help and information on what you can be said in the I&rsquo;m Hurt skill can also be accessed by saying &ldquo;Help&rdquo;, example:<br />-----<br />User: &ldquo;Alexa I&rsquo;m Hurt&rdquo;<br />Alexa: &ldquo;Hello, what can I do for you?&rdquo;<br />User: &ldquo;Help&rdquo;<br />-----<br /><br />For information on home remedies: <br />&ldquo;Alexa, ask I&rsquo;m Hurt information on headache&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;Alexa, tell I&rsquo;m Hurt I have a headache&rdquo;<br /><br />This skill does not provide medical advice, and is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Call your doctor to receive medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please dial 911.

Invocation Name

i'm hurt

Interaction Examples

Alexa I'm Hurt
Alexa tell I'm Hurt add Chris
Alexa ask I'm Hurt to send a message

Release Date

February 24th 2017