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I'm Driving

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Or say "Alexa, enable I'm Driving"

I'm Driving tells you the travel time to your destinations.

On your way out the door and need to know how long it will take to get to where you're going?<br/><br/>Just say, &quot;Alexa, I'm driving!&quot; <br/><br/>The I'm Driving skill will then ask your destination, and give you an estimated travel time and route recommendation for current traffic conditions. <br/><br/>After enabling I'm Driving, enter your home address and up to five of your most traveled to destinations on the I'm Driving page.<br/><br/>Tips:<br/><br/>- You can also just say, &quot;Alexa, &quot;Tell I'm driving to [destination]&quot; For example, &quot;Tell I'm driving to work&quot;<br/><br/> - To get current destinations on file, you can say, &quot;What are my destinations?&quot;<br/><br/> - You can update your destinations on file at any time by saying, &quot;Update Destinations.&quot;<br/><br/>For help, just say &quot;help,&quot; after launching the skill.<br/><br/>Disclaimer: I'm Driving and Philosophical Creations cannot guarantee the accuracy of the I'm Driving time estimate or directions. I'm driving uses Google Maps and Google Directions for its information. These are highly accurate, but not perfect!

Invocation Name

i'm driving

Interaction Examples

Alexa, I'm driving
To work
Alexa, tell I'm driving to the gym

Release Date

September 30th 2017