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Or say "Alexa, enable Hopstand"

Homebrewer's Refractometer Calculator

Note: This skill relates to the brewing of alcoholic beverages and may not be suitable for all ages. This skill allows you to quickly convert refractometer readings to specific gravity points and estimate ABV of finished beers. This app responds to the name "hopstand". To interact, say "Alexa, ask Hopstand to..." followed by your command. Example: "Alexa, Ask Hopstand to convert 14.6 brix to specific gravity" Currently, this app can convert refractometer readings to Original Gravity, and estimate ABV from original gravity.

Invocation Name

hop stand

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask hop stand to convert 14 point 6 brix
Estimate the abv of 14 point 6 brix
What is the OG of 14 point 6 brix

Release Date

June 1st 2016