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Hook Smart Home - Smart Home on a Budget

Ask Alexa to control your Hook devices. In few easy steps, you can control your Hook devices with simple statements like - <br/><br/>Alexa, Turn the Table Lamp On<br/>Alexa, Turn the Crockpot Off<br/><br/>HOW TO GET STARTED<br/><br/>1. Make sure you have completed the Hook setup and can control devices through the Hook App.<br/>2. Open the Alexa app and go to Link with Hook under Smart Home &gt; Device Links and login to your Hook account.<br/>3. Say &quot;Alexa, discover devices&quot;. Your Hook devices will be displayed under Smart Home in the Alexa app and you can optionally group them here (hint: Alexa groups are separate from your Hook groups) .<br/>4. Say &quot;Alexa, turn table lamp on&quot; or &quot;... Off&quot;<br/><br/>PROTIPS<br/><br/>1. Hook Alexa adapter currently only understands ON and OFF commands for devices. if you have special actions on your device, or more than 2 actions for a device, they wouldn't work right now. You can use the Hook app to rename the action names to align with Echo.<br/><br/>2. Having trouble controlling? Rename device to something simpler that Alexa could understand. Like LR Lamp 1 is probably difficult for her. Change it to something simple like Table Lamp. You will need to re-run discovery if you change the device name or add more devices after the initial setup.<br/><br/>LIMITATION<br/> <br/>1. Groups created in the Hook App are currently not supported through Alexa. You will need to create groups in the Alexa App. If you do so, you can add other smart home devices in the same group.<br/><br/>2. If you reset your access token you will have to re-link Alexa and Hook.<br/><br/>If you encounter any problems, please contact Hook at support@gethook.io.

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn ON lamp
Alexa, turn OFF fan

Release Date

May 16th 2017