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Home Storage Pro

Oak Lane Solutions, LLC

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Or say "Alexa, enable Home Storage Pro"

Keep track of what is in your home storage.

HomeStoragePro is an Alexa skill to keep track of your home storage items. Using HomeStoragePro, you can instruct Alexa to store your items in different locations (pantry, cabinet, freezer, etc.) without reaching out to your personal devices. You can tell HomeStoragePro to save your items, clear your last item, or you can ask for items expiring soon. You can also ask how many items you have in your storage. Go to HomeStoragePro.com to pull up your inventory. Mobile app coming soon.

Invocation Name

home storage pro

Interaction Examples

Alexa use Home Storage Pro to add pantry to my locations.
Add 2 bags of flour to my pantry at 25 pounds.
How much flour do I have?

Release Date

February 15th 2017