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Or say "Alexa, enable Home Remedy"

Home remedy will help you to guide with remedies for common health problems and other petite issues, which you can try at home yourselves.

To find the remedy for a problem, you can simply say, for example, &quot;Alexa, ask home remedy for hiccups&quot;. If home remedy found multiple remedies for a problem, then it will list out all possible remedies. You can use the home remedy to find the remedy for other problems as well, for example, &quot;Alexa ask home remedy for kitchen sink blockage&quot;. The home remedy will guide you with remedies only for minor problems such as a cough, cold etc. For any major and critical problems please consult with a doctor or call emergency, if it is a critical medical condition.<br/><br/>Here are the few examples where home remedy is aware of the remedies but every day she is learning more and more,<br/><br/>Hiccups,cough,headache,migraines,back pain,dermatitis,inflamed skin,blocked nose,constipation,sore throat,bad breath,foot odor,chapped lips,cold,haemorrhoids(piles),acidity,diabetes,sink blockage,burned vessel etc.<br/><br/>The home remedy will send a card response every time. If you are unclear about the explained remedies please check Alexa app for card response.

Invocation Name

home remedy

Interaction Examples

Alexa tell Home Remedy for hiccups
Alexa ask Home Remedy for kitchen sink blockage
Alexa open Home Remedy

Release Date

August 23rd 2017