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Holiday Showdown

Kevin Tarta

Or say "Alexa, enable Holiday Showdown"

Holiday Showdown is a 2 to 4 person multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Each player begins with a holiday themed shop and must compete to obtain cookies.

To begin using Holiday Showdown, launch the skill with the invocation name &quot;holiday showdown.&quot; You will be given a welcome message and be placed in the main menu. Here, you may request a brief &quot;tutorial&quot; or &quot;start a game.&quot; A list of phrases/commands may be found at the bottom of this description.<br/><br/>Tutorial:<br/>If you choose to start a game, you will be asked about the number of players, of which you may choose two, three, or four. Finally, you will be asked each player's name and the game will begin.<br/><br/>Each player will proceed to take their turn which they can end with the phrase &quot;end turn,&quot; or something to that effect. During a player's turn they can choose one category to upgrade and one action to perform.<br/><br/>The upgrade categories are: items, store, and advertising. Item upgrades improve your cookies per turn, store upgrades improve your multiplier, and advertisement upgrades improve your chance of having successful advertising (which also affects your multiplier).<br/><br/>Players may also perform an action each turn, of which there are two: advertise and sabotage. Advertisement is based on your advertisement level and it affects your multiplier for the turn (either positively or negatively). Sabotage allows you to negatively affect another player of your choosing; however, you are assigned a random sabotage type at the beginning of each round which may not work on opponents with item/store levels too low.<br/><br/>The first player to reach 150 cookies wins. If multiple players reach over 150 cookies during the same turn, the player with the most cookies wins.<br/><br/>Phrases:<br/>Tutorial - &quot;Give me a tutorial&quot;<br/>Start a game - &quot;Start a game&quot;<br/>Upgrade - &quot;Upgrade {items, store, advertising}&quot;<br/>Action - &quot;Advertise&quot; or &quot;Sabotage {target player}&quot;<br/>Ask for Info - &quot;How many cookies do I have?&quot; or &quot;What is my {item, store, advertising} level?&quot; or &quot;How much to upgrade {item, store, advertising}?&quot;

Invocation Name

holiday showdown

Interaction Examples

Alexa open holiday showdown
Give me a tutorial
Start a game

Release Date

November 22nd 2017