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Hive - Optimized for Smart Home

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Or say "Alexa, enable Hive - Optimized for Smart Home"

You can now control your Hive devices with Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Welcome to Hive - Optimized for Smart Home. This skill will enable you to ask Alexa to control your connected Hive devices.<br/><br/><br/>With the Hive Smart Home Skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your, Hive Active Light&trade; and Hive Active Plug&trade; by voice. To get started, select the &lsquo;Enable Skill&rsquo; button in this screen. Then you need to link your Hive account and discover your device(s). Find more information about connecting Smart Home devices at<br/><br/>Here&rsquo;s a handy list of commands you can use with Alexa and Hive to control your home:<br/><br/>Hive Active Light&trade;<br/>Alexa, turn on my light<br/>Alexa, turn off my light<br/>Alexa, brighten my light<br/>Alexa, dim my light<br/><br/>Hive Active Plug&trade;<br/>Alexa, turn on my plug<br/>Alexa, turn off my plug<br/><br/>When using the skill, you need to specify by name which device to use. There are two ways to control devices.<br/><br/>* Use the name you set up already &ndash; these are shown in the manage device section of your Hive app and can be changed there too.<br/><br/>* Create an Alexa group, such as Bedroom or Downstairs, and add the device(s) or sensor(s) to the group. More information is available at<br/><br/><br/>In order you use Alexa and Hive you&rsquo;ll need: <br/><br/>- Hive account with your username and password<br/>- Hive Hub <br/>- One or more of the following Hive devices: Hive Active Light&trade;, Hive Active Plug&trade;

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on the lamp
Alexa, turn on my light
Alexa, turn on my plug

Release Date

March 24th 2017