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Or say "Alexa, enable History Today"

Find out what happened on this date.

Just ask Alexa for History Today to get a brief description of historical events, birth, death and aviation events on any date, including today. Alexa will give you five (5) events for the date you tell her, then she will ask you if you want to go deeper into history. This will continue until you say 'exit' or 'no'. For the moment, This day in history API is limited to 4 types of queries: aviation, birth, death and event queries. Get started by saying "Alexa, ask History Today what happened on Jan 1". When you first invoke History Today, you will query event history. To change query type, says "change query type".

Invocation Name

history today

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask History Today.
Alexa, open History Today.
Alexa, start History Today.

Release Date

December 22nd 2016