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Or say "Alexa, enable Hilma Spark"

This is an app called Teacher Zero Seven. It's a small trivia game that tests your skill about your knowledge of Bulawayo Polytechnic

Teacher Zero Seven is here to help you remember famous and common places around Bulawayo Polytechnic. To begin the trivia, invoke Alexa start with the phrase, 'Alexa, open teacher zero seven'. This message will make open the application 'teacher zero seven' and the game will begin. Please listen attentively and answer according to instructions given by the app. But basically the game will require you to answer a question in this manner, "The answer is one". You don't need to make an account with us to play the game. Just install the app on your Alexa echo, or any platform that is compatible. You can can like my app.

Invocation Name

teacher zero seven

Interaction Examples

'Alexa, open teacher zero seven'
'my answer is one'
'start new game'

Release Date

April 28th 2016