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On demand hight intensity bodyweight workouts designed by fitness experts for all your needs

Turn Alexa into a smart personal trainer with Hi Fit official skill.<br/><br/>This skill provides you a daily High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, no equipment is required: all you need is your body, the right mindset and fifteen minutes of your time.<br/><br/>Every Hi Fit&rsquo;s workout is designed by a team of experienced fitness coach and personal trainer.<br/><br/>If the workout is too hard for you, you can always ask Hi Fit for a little break, but remember: No pain, no gain. <br/><br/>You don't know how to execute an exercise ? No problem, ask Hi Fit for instructions, he will give you voice tips and useful informations through the Alexa Companion App.<br/><br/>So, what is your excuse not to start working on the best version of yourself ?

Invocation Name

hi fit

Interaction Examples

Alexa open HiFit
Alexa ask HiFit for start new workout
Alexa ask HiFit for resume my workout

Release Date

March 20th 2017