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Or say "Alexa, enable HeeLight"

HeeLight control skill to turn on, off, or change colors for HeeLight smart light bulbs.

Introducing the HeeLight Alexa Skill! Using this skill, you will be able to control HeeLight smart light bulbs with Echo (or other Alexa enabled devices) when the light bulbs are within the sound wave range of Echo devices. <br /><br />Since HeeLight uses different audible sound wave (commands encoded in a sequence of different frequencies) to control the light bulbs to turn on, off or other color schemes, Echo devices will play the correspondent sound waves according to your voice commands. You do not need to connect or link Alexa with your HeeLight light bulbs; just make sure they are within the range of sound wave from the Echo devices, and adjust the volume on Echo devices according to the distance between Echo devices and the light bulbs so that they can &quot;hear&quot; the sound wave played from the Echo devices. Multiple light bulbs can be controlled at the same time as the control sound wave is identical to all HeeLight light bulbs. You do not need to link any accounts to HeeLight Alex Skill. <br /><br />Enable HeeLight skill on your Echo devices, and start to use Echo to control your HeeLight light bulbs.<br /><br />You can say &quot;Alexa, ask HeeLight to turn on&quot; to turn on the light, or &quot;Alexa, ask HeeLight to turn off&quot; to turn off the light. You can also say &quot;Alexa, ask HeeLight to turn natural light&quot; or &quot;Alexa, ask HeeLight to turn night light&quot; to control the color theme of the lights.<br /><br />Enjoy!<br /><br />HeeLight is a trademark of Cyeah Digital Sci. &amp; Tech. Co. Ltd.

Invocation Name

he light

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open HeeLight

Release Date

February 2nd 2017