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Hebrew Garden - Biblical Hebrew Word Vocabulary

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Or say "Alexa, enable Hebrew Garden - Biblical Hebrew Word Vocabulary"

Teaches and quizes the most frequently used Hebrew vocabulary words in the Bible.

The Hebrew Garden skill has a database of the top 400 most frequently used words in the Bible. <br/><br/>You can say &quot;Alexa - Tell Hebrew Garden teach me a word&quot; to learn new vocabulary words. <br/><br/>When ready to review what you've learned, you can say &quot;Alexa - Tell Hebrew Garden Start Quiz&quot;, and you will get a quiz of 5 random words. In the quiz mode, you need to reply &quot;answer _____&quot; where you say the English answer. If the skill teaches you that a Hebrew words has 2 or 3 English meanings, you need only reply with any one of those English words to get the answer correct. <br/><br/>You can optionally say &quot;set range from 1 to 20&quot; (or any other number range) to limit your words that you are taught and quized. You can optionally say &quot;quiz size 10&quot; or any other number to change the number of questions asked during the quiz). <br/><br/>You can say &quot;help&quot; or &quot;advanced help&quot; to be reminded of what the valid responses are. <br/><br/>Other common responses are next (in the teach me a word mode) and repeat (in either teach or quiz mode).

Invocation Name

hebrew garden

Interaction Examples

Alexa Tell Hebrew Garden start quiz.
Alexa Tell Hebrew Garden teach a word.
Alexa ask Hebrew Garden for help

Release Date

December 8th 2017