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Hearth Pack Tracker


Or say "Alexa, enable Hearth Pack Tracker"

Keep track of how many packs you've opened without a Legendary card. Every 40 packs you are sure to have a legendary so this keeps the counts for you.

This is an Alexa skill that will help you keep track of your legendary card pulls in Hearthstone! It's been well documented that after 39 card packs of the same set without a Legendary card, the 40th pack will be guaranteed to have one.<br/><br/>To use this skill simply say Start Hearthstone Pack Tracker followed by &quot;I opened a pack of {Packtype} and got {LegendCount} legendary cards&quot;. Say &quot;What pack should I buy&quot; to get your current list.<br/><br/>Please enjoy!

Invocation Name

hearthstone pack tracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start Hearthstone Pack Tracker
What pack should I buy?
I opened a pack of Classic and got zero legendary cards

Release Date

July 25th 2017