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Healthy Snack Tips



Or say "Alexa, enable Healthy Snack Tips"

Healthy Snack Tips gives the user suggestions about snacking to help them reach their nutrition or weight loss goals.

Most people trying to lose weight must change their eating habits. Very often, changing unhealthy snacking behaviors needs to be part of the process to attain successful and sustainable weight loss.<br/> <br/>Healthy Snack Tips randomly gives the user tips on how to replace unhealthy snacking habits with healthier ones. Using this skill helps an individual keep mindful of their snacking behaviors.<br/><br/>Healthy Snack Tips uses the Health-e Thought Text Messages for morning, afternoon and evening snacking found on, a website built by this skill&rsquo;s author to support healthy weight loss. Users of Healthy Snack Tips may wish to check out that website for other tools &amp; information to help them reach their weight loss goals. For instance, Health-e Thought Text Messages on enable the user to schedule text messages to themselves for Snacking, Dining Out, Grocery Shopping and about six other situations. While use of these tools does require the user to register as a member, membership is free.

Invocation Name

healthy snack tips

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Healthy Snack Tips and give me a tip.
Alexa, ask Healthy Snack Tips for a healthy snack tip.
Alexa, open Healthy Snack Tips and tell me another snack tip.

Release Date

May 21st 2017