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Headsail Chooser

Conner Fullerton

Or say "Alexa, enable Headsail Chooser"

Headsail Chooser looks at the weather and tells you which sails you should use upwind or downwind for the days race or cruise.

Headsail Chooser will tell you the most likely sails that you will be using today, with specifics for common one design boats and a general recommendation for performance cruisers. Simply tell Headsail Chooser what kind of boat you have and whether you are choosing an upwind sail (Jib or Jenoa) or a Downwindsail (Spinnaker). Enable Location Service when you enable the app.

Invocation Name

headsail chooser

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Headsail Chooser
Alexa, Ask Headsail Chooser, what sail should I use while sailing downwind on a Farr 40
Alexa, Ask Headsail Chooser, what sail I should use sailing my J30

Release Date

July 17th 2017